Sunday, January 11, 2009

the trial run has fun

Yesterday I packed up my car with the essentials for the week and headed Southwest to Dana Point for the trial run living with Sarah.  The only reason it's a trial run and not an official move at this point is due to the fact that I am not so sure about this whole commuting business.  I hope it's manageable because I would really love for it to work out to live with Sarah, she's so much fun and such an encouragement to my soul.

To kick off the week, we got dressed up and went out last night to an incredible little Italian restaurant.  After our delicious meal we went out dancing...which was pretty stinking hilarious.  We were almost instantly befriended by a fairly drunk guy named Sean, who took it upon himself to escort us around, meet everyone he knew, and to protect us from potentially skeezy people.  We had a blast dancing!  This morning we made some chocolate chip pancakes, took a walk to the beach in 75 degree sunny weather, then spent the remainder of the day being lazy on the couch, partly napping and partly watching the Chargers game.  I would say I was mostly napping...Sunday is the day of rest, after all =)  The soundtrack to my lazy day has been Ray La Montagne's new album, "Gossip in the Grain"...check it out it's great songwriting/music.  My favorite is You are the Best Thing, it's a great track.

We are about to head off to check out a new contemporary contemplative service at Sarah's church.  I'm interested to see what the means.

So life is pretty good.  I'm excited to settle into a routine here and really check things out.  It's looking like a short term thing here in DP, but I am definitely welcoming the new scenery and the companionship.  

Until next time, 

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