Tuesday, March 22, 2011

let's take another stab at this whole blogging thing...

Since the dawn of blogging, I have been the on again, off again blogger. LiveJournal, Myspace, zanga...you name it and I've probably had a blog there at some point in time. It's just what this external processor does, I guess. Lately, I have found myself in need of this time and space once again...time to reflect and get my thoughts on life out here if for no other reason than for me to just get it out on paper (or screen in this case). I find that I often think about writing a blog, never to just sit down and make it happen. So here I am. We'll see how this works out. =)

Looking at the previous blogs, I see that I have not written since shortly after the passing of my Grandpa, back in 2009. Well, it is now 2011, I am married (and loving it!), have had 2 different jobs, have a new niece and nephew and I am sure plenty more has happened. Time really flies. There really isn't any succinct way of summing up what has all happened in the gap of time, except to say: progression. I definitely don't always feel like my life is a progression, in fact in times of failure or trial I feel quite the opposite. But I trust that the Lord who has my life in His hands is moving me, constantly, steadily and through the bumps and bruises, highs of life and triumphs, He is bringing me towards His end goal for me: growth. I regularly must remind myself that God's goals and measures of success are so different from the other standards that surround me. In this moment of retrospection, I am reminded of how He works; sometimes writing my story in all-caps bold, but most often, in everyday Times New Roman size 10. In the everyday routine there is so much to learn, and that's what I hope to share here. Here's to the process of progress.