Saturday, January 17, 2009

thoughts on the bachelor

Last night, for the very first time, I watched an entire episode of The Bachelor, on ABC.  While this show has been on for years, it has never really caught my attention, and now I know why: watching that show made my heart ache!  And this wasn't a fun, "He's so dreamy, I want that kind of romance!" kind of heart ache. It was pure sadness and compassion for these girls!  I really can't imagine how to create a show where emotions are so jacked with...I mean these girls ship off away from their friends, family, communities and work leaving all of their spheres of life where they are receiving esteem and value to go compete for the affection of one man.  So then they try and make friends with the other girls / contestants, but it's not too long before the jealousy and catty-ness begins.  I seriously just wanted to meet and talk for hours with each of the girls on that show to try to figure out why they were there...these women are beautiful and successful...but they are still so desperately seeking approval and value.  All of it just made me so thankful for Jesus in my life and how He has freed me up from those bonds.

Now let's talk about the Bachelor, Jason.  He is super smooth, tells all the girls they are amazing and beautiful and special and yadda yadda yadda...but at the end of the day how does he show them that he values them?  He kisses and romances nearly ALL of the other girls.  Nice.  Way to be a gentleman, guy.  

Overall, I would give the show two thumbs down.  If I wanted to watch something on TV that makes me feel sad I'll just watch the news...or that Britney Spears documentary.

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