Thursday, November 6, 2008

my life this evening:

so i pull into my neighborhood and realize that my usual parking spot is taken, and not only that, there are a ton of cars in front of the house i live in.  ( i need to mention that i am currently living with an older married couple.  they are fantastic and a really lucked out being able to rent a room from them. they are incredibly sweet.)  i quickly remember that today is fernando's birthday, so they must have people over for dinner.  well, that puts a slight hitch in my plans for the evening: make soup, put on sweats, catch up on google reader, then watch some thursday night tv with my ben and jerrys (wow i sound terribly middle-aged and depressing...i'm usually neither).  i spend a few moments considering my options:  is there any place i could go to make dinner and stay out of their way?  nothing comes to mind.  is it totally out of the question to eat my soup cold?  in the car?  yes and yes.  can i forgo dinner tonight and just sneak down into my room, without making a scene trying to make dinner (which is right in the middle of where the party is going on). finally, i suck it up, go inside, quickly heat up my soup and venture down into my room.  i have to admit that my initial attitude about this evening was ugly. but then, as i was reading, i heard the most delightful sound that totally warmed my heart:  happy birthday being sung in the most gloriously thick spanish accents (this is of course because everyone at the party has either immigrated to the us from ecuador or columbia).  after hearing the song this way, i don't think i want to hear it any other way.  it was awesome.

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Kit said...

helllllllllllooo!!! California sure is a sight for these weary eyes...

i love you and miss you terribly. please tell me about you.