Monday, March 16, 2009

Chalk another one up for God's Sovereignty...

For the past several months I seem to have miraculously evaded the layoffs, pay cuts, and general drudgery that characterizes a nation in recession...until now. My hours were drastically cut and I'm now working two days a week.  Yikes!  Almost more scary to me than the whole finances deal is trying to figure out what the heck I will do with all this free time!?!

Thankfully, the Lord is Sovereign and He is always for His children!  Just a week prior to this reduction, I moved in with my aunt and uncle and am paying zero rent.  Initially I wasn't that stoked about this living situation, because let's face it, crashing on the couch at age 24 doesn't exactly scream success...but the Lord knew just what was around the corner for me, and not being locked into a lease right now is such a relief! Praise the Lord for His control.  

This loss of hours also has brought me perhaps the last nudge I needed to know that the Lord does not have me here in the OC for much longer.  I have been praying that the Lord would clearly lead me during the month of March to whatever is next in my life and this is just one of the ways I've seen Him lead and answer me.

It's honestly been a rough couple of months as the Lord has stripped away a lot of things that I clung to for security...relationships, job, housing.  But now, finally, I am beginning to see that He wants me in a place of total surrender and trust.   He has some plan, that I have yet to fully uncover, that requires me to be freed up from all of these things that I had grown comfortable in.   It's been an immense comfort to rest in and rely upon God's unchanging character.  I don't know quite what is around the corner right now, but I know the One who is holding my hand, and leading me into the unknown.

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